About Us  
Maxim Enterprises, LLC focuses primarily in new residential construction.
  • Direct Builder Involvement - The builder works directly with the field supervisor and the home owner.
  • Experience - With years of construction and wood working experience, Mark Hemmer started building under Maxim Enterprises, LLC in 2004 producing some of the highest quality houses in the Omaha area.
  • Innovation - Maxim Enterprises, LLC Homes are very unique with common sense and functionality for him and her, not found in most houses.
  • Technology - Electronic, media, sound, and home theatre equipment and configurations second to none compared to other builders.
  • Quality - Maxim Enterprises, LLC Homes rival the highest quality homes in the Omaha area.
  • Pricing - You get more quality and upgrades for your price.
  • Service - Timely and excellent service.
  • Financing - Maxim Enterprises, LLC is very stable financially and can carry your construction loan without worry.

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